How did one man build a castle all by himself, cutting and moving stones weighing many thousands of tons? Some say he used levitation, or anti-gravity devices. He claimed that he had re-discovered the secret that was used to construct the Egyptian pyramids at Giza. However he did it, it's impossible not to admire his accomplishments.

The Coral Castle Mystery
Another Coral Castle Story
A different Coral Castle Story
Yet another Coral Castle Story
two text articles on the creator of the Coral Castle
a good article by Chris Dunn, the author of the Giza Power Plant
The Enigma of Coral Castle - A Geomantic Wonder (good photos)
Secrets of Coral Castle - includes a number of theories as to how he did it
The official website (of the Coral Castle tourist attraction)
The Coral Castle Mystery - by Chris Dunn (with photos, referenced in following audio clip)
archived Sightings radio show on Coral Castle - July 26 show audio.gif (975 bytes)  
The Enigma Of Coral Castle - A Geomantic Wonder


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