This page is for some miscellaneous items that I thought needed more exposure, but didn't have enough links for their own separate page. I finally re-located the story of a coverup regarding Hurricane Andrew, which is worth reading (but not just after eating). I used to be shocked or angered when I read stories like the ones listed below, but after you see enough of them nothing surprises you anymore.

The USS Liberty - America's Most Shameful Secret
New Book Says Israel's Deadly 1967 Attack On USS Liberty Deliberate
Answers Long Overdue About USS Liberty
Links page on the Waco coverup (check out the links on US Army involvement)
Three stories on "Bloodgate": story #1, story #2, story #3
The FBI's role in the coverup of the missile downing TWA Flight 800, and the Vince Foster coverup
The Gander crash - yet another airliner downed by terrorists, yet listed as a weather-related accident
Deadly Silences: The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up

For an excellent book that exposes many U.S. Government cover-ups, buy and read "The Medusa File", by Craig Roberts.
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