There's no doubt that crop circles can be (and have been) hoaxed. Quite intricate designs can quietly be laid out in a field in near total darkness by a single person with only rudimentary tools. However, not all circles are hoaxed. True circles contain plant stems that are not broken (as when crushed down by a board), but instead have had their stem made pliable (as though steamed), bent, and re-hardened in a horizontal position. They sometimes are woven into multi-level spirals going different directions, which is impossible to imitate on a large scale. These plants continue to grow healthily in their new position, unlike those that have been smashed down. Under a microscope the cells of the plants show themselves to be physically altered, and the seeds are genetically altered.... how the heck did THAT happen? There are other anomolies as well. The circles have been increasing in number steadily over the last several years, appearing on several continents, and on surfaces other than crops (ice, sand, etc.), yet the media has been ignoring the phenomena ever since two Englishmen made the claim that they were the hoaxers behind it all. It's worth keeping an eye on this, and trying to figure out what is causing the 'true' circles.

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