As we move into the new millenium, stories of current and upcoming calamities abound. Some are scientific reports of environmental catastrophes such as global warming, destruction of the rain forests, death of the world's coral reefs, melting of the ice caps, and the exponential increase in major storms/floods/hurricanes/earthquakes, etc.  Our poor planet earth is under seige, and there are numerous indications that mankind is in for a hard time in the future. Is it a cyclic thing? Or has the Earth reached the limit of what it can endure, and is going to shake us off like a dog bothered by fleas? Check out the last link in this section for a page full of articles on Earth-related problems.

The Coming Global Superstorm: A Calamity Waiting to Happen
Yellowstone is overdue to blow as a supervolcano (ignore Bible references, see further down page)'s list of Earth Changes links
Global Warming - Beyond Point Of No Return?
Grim, Radical Climate Changes Predicted For US
CMEs - If The Sun Spits, The Earth Could Fry
Worldwide Coral Reefs Dying - Oceanic Catastrophe Looms
The Pole-shift forum - is there a pole-shift in your future?
Too many articles to mention here, but try this webpage index on Earth Changes...


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