I believe that pyramids at Giza in Egypt are a legacy from an earlier civilization, perhaps the survivors of Atlantis. There is evidence of a higher level of technology present at Giza (and elsewhere) than there should have been at that point in time.  There is proof that the Sphinx dates from a much earlier era than the historians would have you believe.  There is a lot of stuff I would like to tell you about, and hopefully will at some point in the future when I have more time. Until then, try these weblinks:

The Mystery of the Sphinx, by John Anthony West
The Sphinx Group - Egypt and the true history of the Sphinx
The Giza Power Plant - Advanced machining in ancient Egypt
Operation Hermes - the Quest for the the Hall of Records
Theories on the the mystery for the the Great Pyramid at Giza
Lost Worlds and Mysterious Civilizations (a page of links)
The Ancient World Web: Alternative theories (more links)
Skyspy Conspiracytour - more links (some are really out there)
Archaeological Developments at Giza, Egypt
The Tomb of Osiris recently found at Giza (this one has extraordinary claims, but is still interesting)
archived Sightings radio shows on ancient Egyptian technology - July 6, April 13, April 12, 1999 shows audio.gif (975 bytes)  
new archived Sightings radio shows on ancient Egyptian technology - April 18, May 1, May 8, 2000 shows audio.gif (975 bytes)  


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