I used to like milk. I had it every day, until I found out what is in "modern" milk (the kind you find in the supermarket). Of course the dairy industry would like you to continue to believe that milk is good for you, but after reading these articles, I think you'll join me in believing otherwise.

The Cream No Longer Rises To The Top
Synthetic Hormone in Milk Raises New Concerns
Cow's Milk May Be Increasing Childhood Diabetes
'Got Milk?' Ads Targeted By Doctors
More on the Fox/Monsanto Coverup of rBGH
02/07/03 The Truth About Milk - Read
02/07/03 Could Prions Be In Milk And Dairy? - Yes
02/07/03 Dangers Of Milk And Dairy Products - The Facts
02/07/03 Milk Not Necessarily Good For You


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