Here are some articles of potential interest that I didn't have a category for:

Radiation Ovens - The Proven Dangers Of Microwave Ovens
More Bad News About Microwave Oven Effects

Canola Oil - Is It Safe? Evidence Points To BIG Trouble
The Health Effects Of Canola Oil - None Dare Call It Rape

Soy It Isn't So - The Problems With Using Soy Bean Foods
They're Taking the Joy Out of Soy (two opposing viewpoints)
Tragedy & Hype - The Third International Soy Symposium

Facing Up To Fluoride - Should We Worry?
Fluoridation - Mind Control Of The Masses
Neurological Impact Of Fluoride Toxicity
06/17/03 Fluoride and Arsenic - Toxic Chemicals In Your Water
06/17/03 Fluoride's Insidious, Deadly Effects

Reflections On Immunity, Vaccinations And Smallpox

Mad Cow Disease - What the Government Isn't Telling You!


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