I don't use a cell phone, so I haven't read a lot about this topic.  I did, however, collect this series of links that you may want to peruse if you're a cell phone user:

Cell Phone Radiation Called Potentially 'Lethal'
Even More Fears And Concerns About Cell Phones
It's Official - Cell Phones DO Scramble Your Brains
Cell Phones May Affect Brain Activity
Cell Phones Linked Directly To Cancer - Again
Warning - Cell Phones Now Said To Damage Immune System
Scientists Say Cell Phones Make Blood Pressure Rise
Cell Phone Caused Brain Damage - Claims Man
Scientists Cut Their Cell Phone Use As Microwave Fears Mount
Cell Phone Worries - A Pain In The Brain
British Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings
Cell Phone Cancer Connection
Cell Phone Radiation Danger
Cell Phone On Your Hip Brings Radiation to Kidney and Liver
New Proof Cell Phones Damage Longterm Memory
Cell Phone Nightmare - Brain Tumors, Neuromas, Genetic Damage Suspected
Cell Phone-Like Microwave Exposure Reduces Memory In Rats
Cell Phones May Be Leaking Hazardous Chemicals 
Cell Phone Child Safety Chaos - Parents Still In Dark
New Cell Phone And Brain Tumor Study Results
Cell Phones - Convenience Or 21st Century Plague?
Cell Phones May Damage Nerves In The Scalp
Cell Phone - Like Microwave Exposure Reduces Memory In Rats
Cell Phone Effects On The Brain And Kidneys Probed
Cell Phone Users Report Headaches And 'Burning' Skin
Scientists Link Eye Cancer To Cell Phones
Cell Phone Use Horror Stories
How Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer
Top German Radiation Expert Warns On Cellphones
GSM Cell Phone Health Risks Won't Be Known For 10 Years
2-Year Study Finds Possible Cell Phone Danger To Brain
Cell Phones Make Cancerous Cells Grow More Agressively
Cell Phone Exposure Causes Brain Damage In Rats - Study
You Don't Deserve Brain Cancer - You Deserve Facts!
The Dark Side of Cellphone Technology
New Cell Phone Link To Brain Cancer Found
02/20/04Cell Phones Will 'Make You Senile'
02/20/04Fresh Fears Over Cellphones


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