On a lighter note, this one caught my eye when I first saw it reported on TV. Objects known as 'rods' are appearing in photos and camcorder footage world-wide. These rods can be anywhere from a few inches to several feet in length, and fly at incredible speeds through the air, water, and possibly even the earth. What looks like a straight line in the picture turns out to be a creature with a flange-like appendage running the length of its 'body'. They appear to have a form of intelligence, but their speed and ability to move through any environment lead one to speculate that they are either not of this earth, or perhaps not this dimension.  A harmless, fun little topic; look at the research and make your own conclusions.

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RODS - Two Amazing Reports Of Eyewitness Sightings
Amazing New Footage Discovered Showing A 'Rod' Underwater
'Rods' - The Latest On Jose Escamilla's Amazing Discovery
Rods: The Smoking Gun Has Been Found
Rods: 20 Questions with Josť Escamilla
Rods Are Still Zipping Around! - Photos
'Rod' Videotaped In Texas - Photos & MPEG
Rods - an explanation?


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