The first link is fascinating, no matter how you look at it. It deals with strange skulls that have been found in places like the Inca ruins of South America. These skulls are not the result of human procedures to "flatten" the skull (with binding and boards) as has been done with other ancient peoples. These skulls seem to have belonged to a race or strain of humans (or semi-humans?) that had massive skulls, with up to 60% greater brain capacity than normal men. Were these the revered "gods" who came from the sky to rule the men of Earth? Where did they really come from? What happened to them? Personally, I believe that these skulls are from a lost and forgotten race of humanoids (or possibly extraterrestrials) that once interacted with the ancient peoples of Peru. Perhaps they were seen as kings or dignitaries from a far off place, and were known for their great wisdom, as they would have had brains more than twice the size of normal men. They would have held a special place of honor in the societies of men, which could have led to select human children being chosen to "become like them", and being subjected to the practice of having their young skulls "bound" with boards and cloth to force them to grow in a shape imitating the elongated shape of the "master race". The practice of binding the skulls this way is well documented by archeologists, but it cannot explain all of the unusual skulls that have been found to date. Those skulls that contain twice the mass of normal (or even forcibly bound) skulls would seem to be those from this forgotten race. To further substantiate this concept it was found that some skulls of fetuses that were found in ancient graves were found to have the elongated skulls, which shows that they were that way in the womb and were not modified by the hands of man.

Many years ago a CD-ROM called "The Search for Ancient Wisdom" was released that had photographs and commentary on a number of these unusual skulls. While it is long since out of print, you can still find copies occasionally on or Ebay. The first link below has a sampling of such photos. The other five links listed below deal with the subject of ancient crystal skulls, whose creation and artistry should have been near impossible to achieve in ancient times. They are also said to have special powers, of which there are many testimonials.

Genuine ancient humanoid skulls from non-humans? (one large picture made up of 9 photos, taken from the CD-ROM)

Crystal Skulls: Skeletons of a Mysterious Past
The Ancient Crystal Skulls
The Eerie Crystal Skulls
Crystal Skulls
Strange Artifacts - Crystal Skulls


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