The Ica Stones are a collection of at least 11,000 rocks (though other estimates are 15,000 or even 100,000) that were supposedly found in a cave near Ica, Peru. These stones are inscribed/carved/embossed with images that show an ancient race of people conducting complex medical operations (including brain surgery and heart transplants), interacting with dinosaurs, and views of the Earth as seen from space 13 million years ago (when the continents were shaped differently). Needless to say, if these stones are not hoaxes, the history of mankind on this planet would have to be severely re-written. It is known that some of the stones are hoaxes (made for the tourists who go to Ica), but I believe the others are genuine. (Similar stones were found by the Spanish conquistadors in 1525, and samples were shipped to Spain in 1562.)  Unfortunately, scientists will not investigate the collection of stones that Dr. Cabrera has amassed. Whether they fear jeopardizing their reputation or the cherished timeline is debateable. In a similar vein, a collection of thousands of clay figurines were unearthed in Acambaro, Mexico. Many of these figurines show creatures that appear to be dinosaurs, with some interacting with humans. If these figurines are in fact thousands of years old, they also bring up the question: How did ancient man know about dinosaurs, unless he had seen them in person? Did man co-exist with dinosaurs millions of years ago, or did some dinosaurs survive until relatively recent times?

UPDATE - I took a trip to Ica, Peru in 2001, where I visited with Dr. Cabrera in person. He showed me his collection of stones, and explained the meaning behind the important examples. I promised him that I would make a website to help spread the word about the Ica Stones, and I have now completed that website, which you can see HERE. It contains exerpts from the doctor's book, photos that he took, and ones that my friend took of his collection.

The Ica Stones of Dr. Cabrera (my website)
archived radio interview about Dr. Cabrera and his Ica Stones - March 5, 2001 program audio.gif (975 bytes)
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The Skeptics Dictionary - The Ica Stones (a skeptics analysis)


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