Mitsubishi Ki.21 Type 97 ("Jane"/"Gwen")

The Mitsubishi Ki.21 Type 97  heavy bomber was originally code named "Jane" (after General McArthur's wife) by the Allies. But after bawdy ballads about "Jane" came to McArthur's attention, he requested that the code name be changed. The code name was then changed to "Sally" (click HERE to view the "Sally" page). When the Ki-21-IIb entered service, the absence of the long dorsal "greenhouse" led Allied observers to mistake it for a completely new type, which was designated "Gwen". However, when it was realized that "Gwen" was a new version of the Ki-21, it was renamed "Sally 3", with "Sally 1" referring to the earlier Ha-5 powered models, and "Sally 2" referring to the Ha-101 powered Ki-21-IIa.

Mitsubishi Ki.21 Type 97 ("Jane")

Type:           Heavy Bomber

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