Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan

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The land-based trainer version of the M6A1 Seiran was known as the M6A1-K Seiran Kai. The popular name of the M6A1-K was later changed to Nanzan (Southern Mountain). In order to aid pilot conversion to the Seiran, two examples of a land based trainer version fitted with a retractable undercarriage were built. Besides the difference in landing gear, the vertical stabilizer's top portion, which was foldable on the Seiran, was removed.

Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan

Type:           Trainer
Service: 	Japanese Navy Air Force (JNAF)
Crew:           two
Armament:       none
Reference: 	Francillon: 294
NOTE: data below is for the M6A1 floatplane version.
Weights and Performance data for the land-based version
are unavailable at this time.
        Length:         38' 2.25" (11.64 m)
        Height:         15' 0.25" (4.58 m)
        Wingspan:       40' 2.75" (12.272 m)
        Wing area:      290.624 sq. ft (27 sq. m)
        Empty Weight:   7277 lbs (3301 kg)
        Loaded Weight:  8907 lbs (4040 kg)
        Max Weight:     9800 lbs (4445 kg)

        No. of Engines: 1
        Powerplant:     Aichi AE1P Atsuta 32 12-cylinder liquid-cooled engine
        Horsepower:     1400 hp 

        Range:          642 nautical miles (739 st miles)
        Cruise Speed:   184 mph (160 kt) at 9845 ft (3000 m) 
        Max Speed:      295 mph (256 kt) at 17,060 ft (5200 m)
        Climb to/in:    9845 ft (3000 m) in 5 min 48 sec
        Ceiling:        32480 ft (9900 m)
Production:		2 M6A1-Ks total 

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