Jinamoc Island, only a few miles from Tacloban airstrip on Leyte, served as a temporary base for Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE and operations were begun from there on March 3, 1945, flying four 600-mile day searches to the north. Operational control was transferred to Fleet Air Wing TEN. On March 16, movement of the squadron to Guiuan airstrip on Samar was begun and substantially completed within a few days. Operations were conducted from the new base beginning March 17 in the same sectors previously covered from Jinamoc. Eighty-five patrols averaging 10.1 hours wore flown during the month. There wore no enemy contacts.

Between March 23 and March 27 special coverage was provided to protect the western flank of the conveys moving north for the invasion of Okinawa.

Operations from Samar included various other special missions from time to time. Several transport flights wore made during the month for Commander Aircraft, SEVENTH Fleet, Commander Philippine Sea Frontier, and various boards of inspection and survey. A commendation letter was received from Admiral J.L. KAUFFMAN, Commander Philippine Sea Frontier, for the efficient performance of duty by Lieutenant Allen J. HUTTENBERG, USNR, and his crew en one such flight between March 3 and March 6.

An unusual assignment was given the squadron between March 28 and March 30. Two typhoons had been reported approaching the Philippine area from the east, and on each of these days a special weather plane




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