was sent out to track the storms and report their progress. A commendatory message on the results of these flights was received from Commander Aircraft, SEVENTH Fleet.

There were two special searches during March. On the 21st and again on the 22nd, Commander Norman C. GILLETTE, Jr., USN, and Lieutenant Allen J. HUTTENBERG, USNR, searched for a missing transport plane (R4D) between Samar and Morotai with negative results. On March 25, Lieutenant (jg) Harold F. ALLEN, Jr., USNR, escorted by two Corsairs, searched for a Marine fighter pilot reported to have made a forced lading at sea. The southwest coast of Cebu and adjacent waters were carefully searched with negative results.

On March 31, the log showed that since the re-forming of the squadron a little over eleven months previously, a total of 2196 sorties and 11,564.3 flight hours had been recorded.

At the end of the month, and of the period coverod by this report, Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE was continuing day searches from Samar but was making preparations for an anticipated change of duty to Air-Sea Rescue operations from the same base.





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