to break in two. It is considered a definite kill. One of the Sugar Charlies was strafed with unobserved results and the attack was broken off when shore searchlights illuminated the plane. Later six Sugar Charlies end one large unidentified ship were seen leaving Tainan on a course of 270 degrees. The leading two Sugar Charlies were strafed without visible results when again search-lights caught the plane and this time there were several bursts of heavy AA from shore. Lieutenant HUTTENBERG tapered off by strafing a patrol craft midway up the west coast of Formosa again without being able to see the amount of damage he had inflicted.

January 28-29 - Commander Norman C. GILLETTE, Jr., USN found one large and four small AK'S in Mako Harbor of the Pescadores Islands and dropped four 250's which fell short of the target. Several shore positions opened up with accurate medium AA. Several large fires were started when Commander GILLETTE put two 100 lb. incendiaries among the warehouse on the north coast of Boko Island in the Pescadores Group. Near Tainan, Formosa a Sugar Dog and four luggers were sighted and the Sugar Dog left sinking after being strafed with 700 rounds. Lieutenant Arcia O. TURNER, USN, found an old-type Japanese destroyer and two possible DE's in Ishigaki Harbor in the Sakashima group but was forced to break off his bombing run when the three ships opened up with intense light and medium AA.

January 29-30 - Lieutenant (jg) Curtis L. LAYTON, USNR sighted a group of seven ships and one escort midway between the Pescadores and Takao, Formosa and headed for the latter port. Unfortunately he was carrying only 100 lb. bombs and the fires he started on a 10,000 ton Sugar Able with two direct hits appeared to be extinguished in 50 minutes. Four Sugar Bakers were seen entering Amoy, China but the three bombs dropped by Lieutenant (jg) LAYTON fell just ahead of the last ship in line. Lieutenant (jg) Albert J. LEHMICKE, USNR attacked a Sugar Charlie near the north west coast of Formosa (position 24-50 N 120-50 E) only to have his bombs fail to release. He made a strafing run and the ship replied with very accurate fire from a single 12.7mm gun making a hit on the plane's bow turret which jammed the guns. Lieutenant (jg) Harold F. ALLEN, Jr. looked into the harbor at Suo, Formosa and found two Sugar Bakers, three Sugar Charlies and one large unidentified ship at anchor. His bombs failed to drop in a run on one of the Sugar Bakers. On a second run 25 minutes later he salvoed four 100 pounders which missed by 30-50 feet amidships. No AA was observed. Coming back immediately for a third run Lieutenant (jg) ALLEN was met by intense light AA from an estimated 15 ship and shore gun positions




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