and withdrew. His plane was hit twice in the after station without sustaining any critical damage.

January 30-31 - Lieutenant Commander William L. KAUBER, USN had a curious experience at Kiirun, Formosa. Passing the harbor close aboard, Lieutenant Commander KAUBER saw five searchlights come on and while they failed to illuminate him directly they did pick up and illuminate a 2-engine aircraft on almost his same bearing but farther out to sea. It was impossible to distinguish the type of aircraft. Searching down the west coast of Formosa, Lieutenant Commander KAUBER found a heavily loaded medium size tanker twelve miles west of Tainan and salvoed his six bombs from 150 feet missing by 25 feet astern. He made a strafing run and the ship replied with accurate fire from a single .50 calibre gun.

January 31 - Feb. l - Lieutenant James F. THOMAS, USNR located two DE-type vessels and two patrol craft on the southeast side of Boko Island in the Pescadores. His four 500 lb. string straddled one of the DE's without visible evidence of damage and the ship fired accurately with one 20 mm. gun. Lieutenant Allen J. HUTTENBERG, USNR failing to find satisfactory ship targets dropped four 500 pounders and one 100 lb. incendiary on a large industrial plant at Karenko, Formosa all the bombs hitting the target with a large fire resulting. A few minutes later he sighted a Sugar Charlie just south of Karenko and missed with his last bomb, a 100 lb. incendiary.




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