February 15 through February 21, 1945

Night offensive reconnaissance missions from Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I. were continued through the week of 15-21 February covering five sectors between 340-031 degrees. This area includes the China Coast from just north of Swatow to Foochow, the Pescadores Islands, Formosa and the Sakashima Gunto. Twenty such missions wore flown, the average duration of the flights being 12.0 hours. The squadron was based on the U.S.S. BARATARIA (AVP-35).

The weather continued bad in the outer extremities of the search sectors with low ceiling and poor visibility. Only one positive enemy contact was made when Lieutenant Arcia O. TURNER, 115N, on the night of 16-17 February, found an enemy transport (Tare Baker) and two small freighters (Sugar Charlies) near Takao, Formosa and damaged all three ships in a tenacious attack which lasted over a period of three and one-half hours during which approximately seventy (70) separate radar approaches were made on the targets.

On 16 February word was received from Commander Aircraft, SEVENTH Fleet that it was planned to relieve Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE from its present duty on or about 28 February for a period of rest and maintenance.

A replacement plane and crew reported to the squadron on 21 February. The plane is Bu. No. 46485 and the personnel of the crew as follows:

Lieutenant Albin Thomas MADAY (A1), USNR, (125631)
Lieutenant (jg) Harry Grayson NEWNAM, S(A), USNR, (295871)
Ensign Earl John WILLETTE, (A3)L, USNR, (329529)
DAVIDSON, Hoyle Lafayette, 295 99 90, AMM1c, USN
CLEM, James Harvey, 726 37 30, AMM2c, V6, USNR
BIGAILA, Josephus Valent, 723 22 21, ARM3c, V6, USNR
BROWN, David James, 312 38 86, ARM3c, USN
TOLLE, David Vernon, 559 46 08, AOM2c, V6, USNR
EDWARDS, Lloyd Mathis, 671 66 84, AOM2c, V6, USNR.

The action highlight of the week was as follows:

February 16-17 - Lieutenant Arcia O. TURNER, USN, searching along the west coast of Formosa, made radar contact at 2345 Item with three ships at a range of 17 miles between Tainan and Takao and 10 miles off the coast. As he homed in, Lieutenant TURNER could distinguish from the radar screen that the group consisted of one large and two small ships and he accordingly directed his approach to the largest, which proved to be a 6,000 ton vessel of the Tare Baker class. Due to extremely poor visibility six radar approaches were made before a




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