satisfactory visual contact could be made. The two smaller ships (Sugar Charlies) were effectively strafed with 300 rounds during these attempted approaches on the main target. On the seventh run, which was made at 75 feet altitude, satisfactory visual sighting was made but only one bomb released out of a string of four. A direct hit was scored, however, with this 100 lb. bomb and a fire was started in the forward hold of the ship. Thereafter four more bombing runs were made with an average of fifteen (15) radar approaches between each actual drop. In addition to the direct hit previously mentioned there were two near misses with 500 pounders, one of which hit 15 feet off the bow and one 10 feet off the stern both throwing up geysers of water which fell over the ship. The target, which had been maneuvering violently, was brought to a dead stop by the near miss off the stern. Three more 100 lb. bombs and two incendiary clusters fell wide of the target. On the first three runs the ship fired with three guns thought to be 12.7 mm. The attack continued over a period of three hours and thirty-five minutes during which time effective strafing runs were interspersed with the actual bombing runs and the many radar approaches. When last seen the Tare Baker was motionless in the water and down slightly by the stern. The two Sugar Charlies which left the scene during the early part of the encounter, had returned and were standing by when Lieutenant TURNER, having exhausted his bombs and ammunition, finally broke off his attack.




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