1 March through 14 March 1945

Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE commenced operations from Leyte, P.I. on 3 March 1945, flying 600 mile day searches in the sector between 355-027 degrees true from Leyte. During the period a total of twenty four (24) patrols were flown with no enemy contacts being made.

Effective 1 March 1945 the squadron was attached to Fleet Air Wing TEN for administrative purposes and was under the operational control of Commander J. C. RENARD, USN as Commander Task Group 73.6. The squadron was designated as Task Unit 73.6.2.

The squadron was based on ACORN 30 at Jinamoc Island. At the end of the period all planes were at Jinamoc except E-68 which was still at Lingayen undergoing repairs.

Preparations were under way at the end of the period to move the squadron to its new base at Guiuan Air strip on Samar with the first group of three planes scheduled to depart on 16 March 1945.




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