15 March through 30 March 1945

Movement of Patrol Bombing Squadron SEVENTY-ONE from Jinamoc Seaplane Base to its now base at Guiuan Airstrip on Samar was begun 18 March and completed during the period.

Operations were begun from Samar on 17 March covering the same search sectors previously covered from Jinamoc. Sixty patrols averaging 10.1 hours were flown during the period. There were no enemy contacts.

Lieutenant Melvin H. WARNER, USN, returning from patrol the night of 22 March found the weather closed in at Samar and made an emergency landing on the water in Quinapundan Bay 15 miles from Guiuan Airstrip on a bearing of 300 degrees. There were no casualties among the crew but efforts to tow the plane, Bureau No. 48443, were unsuccessful and it was sunk.

Two special searches were flown during the period. On 21 and again on 22 March, Commander Norman C. GILLETTE, Jr., USNR, and Lieutenant Allen J. HUTTENBERG, USNR, searched for a missing transport plane (R4D) between Samar and Morotai with negative results. On 25 March, Lieutenant (jg) Harold F. ALLEN, Jr., USNR, escorted by two Corsairs, searched for a Marine fighter pilot reported down at 09-52N, 123-23E. The southwest coast of Cebu and adjacent waters were carefully covered with negative results.




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