Pilots* (arrival date, remarks)

LtCol RC Mangrum (8/20, Evac 10/12)
Maj FL Brown, Jr. (8/20, Lost in heavy weather 9/6)
Capt D Iverson, Jr. (8/20, Wounded in bombardment of 9/12 & Evac 9/14)
Captain Bruce Prosser (Operations Officer)
2/Lt L Baldinus (8/20, Killed in bombardment of 9/12)
2/Lt RB Fleener (8/20, Evac 10/2)
2/Lt HW Hise (8/20, Evac 9/3)
2/Lt CB McAllister (8/20, Lost in heavy weather 9/6)
Z/Lt DE McCafferty (8/30, Evac 10/2)
2/Lt 0 Mitchell, Jr. (8/20, Shot down by destroyer AA 8/28)
2/Lt TF Moore, Jr. (8/20, Injured in crash h Evac 9/3)
2/Lt AF O’Keefe (8l20, Evac 9/16)
2/Lt DV Rose (8/20, Killed in bombardment of 9/12)
2/Lt LE Thomas (8/20, Shot down accidentally & killed by US  Navy AA 9/18)

Aircrewmen (see note #2)

Corp DE Byrd
PFC EL Eades
Pvt FL Fraley
PFC AS Gilbert
Corp CB Hallyburton (Injured in crash and Evac 9/3)
Corp JK Humphreys
Pvt LP Macias
Pvt TL Mohan
Corp WR Proffit (Lost in heavy weather 9/6)
Corp RS Russell (Lost in heavy weather 9/6)
Pvt PO Schackman (Shot down by destroyer AA 8/28)
Sgt DE Sewell
Sgt JN Stanner

* All pilots, with the exception of 2/Lt McCafferty, flew into Henderson Field from USS Long Island 8/20. All gunners but one flew in on the same day.

Note #2: Dates of evacuation of gunners not in available records.



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