810 East Washington Avenue
McAlester, Oklahoma 74501
14 May 1968

Honorable Carl Albert
House of Representatives
Washington, D. C. 20301


Since May 1967, I have served as an advisor to the Commanding Officer of 
the U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot here at McAlester for the equal employment 
of minority groups, and I would like to point out that it is my personal 
opinion that Captain Hanson has a rare insight into the problems of 
minority groups.

The affirmative action for the equal employment opportunities instituted 
by him at this base indicates and proves that he has given more than lip 
service to minorities.  I have, on many occasions, listened to his orders 
and/or advice rendered and have found that they do indeed reflect his 
fairness and impartiality.

During these troubled times when so many of our citizens are embittered by
racial strife, violence and hatred, he is an example of an outstanding 
citizen who is doing an excellent job toward providing a more harmonious 
atmosphere, more chance for advancement, training and improvement for 

As a private citizen who is employed by  the U.S. NAVAL AMMUNITION DEPOT, 
I do not represent any organization or group of people, but I do feel I 
must offer my personal comments and thanks, for the more than excellent 
job being done here in race relations.

Also, I would appreciate it if my comments, as a private citizen, were 
passed to the appropriate command.
/s/ Ralph H. Bradley