1955 - Letter from a subordinate on the USS McCOY REYNOLDS
Letter of thanks from William J. Blakely

1961 - Selection to rank of Captain
   Letter from the Chief of Bureau of Naval Weapons, Rear Admiral Stroop

1965 - Completion of command of USS PARICUTIN
Letter from Rear Admiral Edwin Hooper

1966 - Distinguished Service Citation for USNAD
Letter from Regional Director, U.S. Civil Service Commission
Letter from the Assistant Chief of Fleet Readiness & Training

1968 - USNAD receives one of two annual awards by the Disabled American Veterans
Letter of appreciation from Acting Commander Naval Ordnance System Command
Letter of thanks from House Majority Leader, Congressman Carl Albert

1968 - RMH praised for work with equal employment of minority groups
Letter from advisor Ralph Bradley to Congressman Carl Albert
Letter from Congressman Carl Albert to Rear Admiral Gralla
Letter from Rear Admiral Gralla to Congressman Carl Albert

1968 - Praise for work with Boys Scouts of America
Letter from Rear Admiral Gralla, Commander Naval Ordnance System Command

1968 - Presentation of Okie pin and certificate
Accompanying letter from Dewey Bartlett (Governor of Oklahoma)

1970 - "Captain Hanson Day" declared in the state of Oklahoma
February 23, 1970 news release
Proclamation by the Dewey Bartlett (Governor of Oklahoma)

1970 - Oklahoma Meritorius Service Medal
Citation from the Adjutant General of the Oklahoma National Guard

1970 - USNAD change-of-command
Commendation letter by Rear Admiral Woods, Naval Ordnance System Command
Letter from the Interagency Board of the U.S. Civil Service Examiners

1972 - United States Meritorius Service Medal
Meritorius Service Medal proclamation from the Secretary of the Navy
Citation from the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet

1972 - Retirement
Certificate of appreciation from President Richard M. Nixon
Letter to RMH on his retirement by Rear Admiral Roger W. Paine

1975 - Making the President's Honor List at Southwestern College
Congradulatory letter from president of Southwestern College