30 June 1972
                                                                                                            30 June 1972
Dear Swede,
    On the occasion of your retirement from active naval service I wish to 
extend to you, not only for myself but also on behalf of the President, 
the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Navy and the chief of Naval 
Operations, sincere appreciation for the thirty years of dedicated service 
that you have given to your country and to the United States Navy.
    In the course of your thirty years of service, you have had a wide 
variety of duty assignments, both at sea and ashore. I note that you have 
served at sea as executive officer of the radar picket destroyer DYESS, 
and have achieved the ultimate goal of every Navy line officer, command at 
sea, in the destroyer escort McCOY REYNOLDS, the radar picket destroyer 
H. W. TUCKER, and the ammunition ship PARICUTIN. Your assignments ashore 
have been equally varied and challenging and include command of the Naval 
Ammunition Depot at McAlester, Oklahoma. And finally, I have personal 
knowledge of, and am particularly grateful for, your outstanding 
performance in your final active duty tour as Commander Nuclear Weapons 
Training Group, Pacific. I also note with pleasure that you have earned 
numerous campaign and service medals in addition to the Meritorious 
Service Medal.
You have served your country and the Navy with honor, devotion and 
distinction during a career which encompassed service during World War II, 
the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam operations. Your final tour of active 
naval service as Commander Nuclear Weapons Training Group, Pacific was 
particularly noteworthy in that you provided dynamic leadership, an 
inspiring example of personal dedication, and a wealth of operational and 
technical knowledge gained through years of experience in the field of 
nuclear weaponry to advance the viability of all phases of nuclear 
weapons training, thereby making a significant contribution to improved 
nuclear weapons maintenance, handling, safety and tactics in the Pacific 
Swede, it is with sincere regret that I see you retire from active naval 
service. I wish to extend both official and personal gratitude for your 
contributions to the naval service throughout your distinguished career, 
and most recently to the Training Command, U.S. Pacific Fleet. I am sure 
that your many shipmates, friends, and associates join me in wishing you 
health, happiness, and good fortune in your new undertakings. Good luck, 
and a hearty "Wel1 Done".
                                        ROGER W. PAINE, Jr.
                                        Rear Admiral, United States Navy
Captain Ralph M. Hanson, Jr., USN
Commander Nuclear Weapons Training Group, Pacific
Naval Air Station, North Island
San Diego, California 92135