The words of Dr. Cabrera


A visit with Dr. Cabrera


(this material is an excerpt from the book "The Message of the Stones", by Dr. Javier Cabrera)


    On the 8th of April of 1976 I had the satisfaction of presenting to the Peruvian public the first edition of this book in Spanish in the Room of Conventions of the Hotel Crillon in Lima. Today I have the pleasure to offer it in Shakespeare's language to the important and immense group of English spoken people.

The book has been named "THE MESSAGE OF THE ENGRAVED STONES OF ICA" and contains the results of about ten years of patient and systematic scientific investigation about the origin and meaning of some strange "stones" with enigmatic inscriptions engraved on their surfaces which were found in 1961 in a hidden deposit under the sands of the huge desert of Ocucaje situated on the coast of the Department of Ica, Peru.

      I regret the Peruvian and foreign archeologists’ prejudgment who got to know the "stones" because they deprived the people from seeing the scientific magnitude and transcendency of these lithic specimens - the only ones all over the world - and instead of studying them, irrespectively and showing irresponsibility they declared - by simple visual observation - the engraving was just made and therefore the "stones" were of no archeological value. With no scruples at all they decided not to make any analysis which could confirm their rushed opinions, asseverating that the lithic specimens were archeological fakes. From that ominous opinion these mysterious "engraved stones" were forsaken and given up to the unbeaten time in the most opprobious forgetfulness.

When everything looked as if the archeologists had achieved their purposes of proscribing, from the national archeology, these suggestive "stones", a friend of my childhood and also my patient had the idea of giving me as a gift, on May 13, 1966; one of these stones "in order to use it as a paperweight on my desk". And that it was our happy encounter. Neither Dr. Cabrera nor anybody else could have imagined that working as a doctor in medicine I could have gotten the opportunity to free these lithic specimens from the unjust prison they were confined to during six long years in a junkyard of the Regional Museum from Ica.

I confess once I had the first Engraved Stone of Ica I felt I was right in front of a very archaic human fact and had the necessity to begin the expensive mission of rescuing, studying and guarding these abandoned "stones". Years later, I discovered they were a great part of an extraordinary documental of human facts beyond the Peruvian space, beyond the planet and not within the geological time which scientists had assigned to the origin and evolution of humankind.

This was really an unprecedented discovery which threw down the human prehistory and brought to the ground the Universal History built up in millenniums with an ingenuous imagination, prejudgments and dogmas and without suspecting that some day it could have been found bibliography from archaic files as the ones I have had the privilege to be their finder and lucky reader and interpreter.

      My researches reveal that in this huge lithic document, a "Library of Stone Books", it has been written the true history of humankind and though this is a discomposing history because it is not within the limits of the established knowledge in the world's official history; the scientific rigor and my professional honesty are a MUST in order to let the world know these stone books tell us that our humanity is not the first and in the most remote past of the earth, when wild and giant dinosaurs were alive, there lived a cultivated, technical and scientific humanity who owned an incredible level of civilization. Obviously the coexistence of men with reptiles of the Mesozoic breaks not only the traditional scheme of Anthropology but the Universal History. This surprising discovery was given to the Peruvian press in 1971, with the aim to create the archeologists scientific conscience and the responsibility of the cultural authorities of the country. Whatever was done it called the attention of the archeologists but only to persevere selfishly in their unscientific attitude to declare once more, in newspapers and books, that the coexistence of man and dinosaur was an unquestionable prove of the archeological fake of the Engraved Stones of Ica, asseverating with no responsibility at all that the keen author of this deceit was the investigator himself.

It is profound my sadness when I have to point out that 27 years have elapsed since the fortuitous finding of the Engraved Stones of Ica and over 13 years since I first officially gave away my discoveries and invited cultural authorities and Peruvian and foreigner archeologists to come and know and study the Engraved Stone (gliptolithics) Collection that I keep and guard at my museum. This collection is composed of eleven thousand lithic specimens. However from that day forth - nobody is a prophet among his own - not even one Peruvian archeologist have had neither the curiosity to visit my museum nor the interest to meet the investigator only to make evident they have not gotten free from their prejudices. These drove them to the gross error of supposing Gliptolithics were archeological fakes. Ten years later they pointed out to Dr. Cabrera himself as the creator of such unusual craftsmanship and as the mentor of a group of countrymen dedicated to carve stones. I am convinced man is not perfect and so he is allowed to make mistakes. This affirmation prevents, in some way, national archeologists from the judgment history could make of them because of their scientific disdain, true lese-humanity.

    The Library of Stone Books of Ica is a human fact of such magnitude and transcendency that, as a scientist, I consider it as a discovery which makes the archeological science richer and mainly invades every science and philosophy. That is why reiterate the invitation I have made not only to the cultural authorities and archeologists from Peru but so scientists and philosophers from all over the world. I also address my invitation to all goodwill men from one end to the other in the planet with no discrimination of age, sex, race, and social, political, and religious condition; asking them to come and know the ele­ven thousand Engraved Stones on display at my museum. I do this because these Stone Books advise us to forget selfishness and to use science and technology in a conscientious way in order to maintain the natural resources and the planetary ecology system. Not to do so it would mean to jeopardize the actual humanity putting it on the risk of suffering the terrible effects of a giant cataclysm. This phenomenon would make the world lose not only the brightness of civilization but plants, animals and perhaps our whole humanity.

    By now it is probable that you may be thinking that I have no scientific reasons to affirm what it has been said about the future of our humanity. However my latest investigations have proved the above said because I have discovered in the Ocucaje desert, a few kilometers from the deposit where the Engraved Stones of Ica were found, a paleontoligic treasure set on sedentary rocks from the superior Cretacic period of the Mesozoic geological era. In Chapter 1 it is said that I am still exploring the Ocucaje desert. I began to look for fossils in this very reach measure in a systematic way and in accordance to the time and money I was able to spend. On the 14th of October of 1984 I found a section of sedimentary strata in which there was a number of fossilized animal and vegetable specimens from the Mesozoic fauna and flora. Suddenly and with a great surprise I found part of a backbone; dorso-lumbar with its iliac bones which belongs to a human being similar to the man of our days. It was found at a very few meters from three incomplete heads and fragments of backbone of dinosaurs belonging to the triceratops species. Close to these giant eggs specimens, sections of skin of dinosaurs of different species and an almost complete skeleton of a phitosaur (extinguished archaic reptile similar to the modern crocodile) equally fossilized were also found.

In the first place, it is confirmed through this discovery, the coexistence of man and dinosaur expressed on the Stone Books of the Library of Ica. In the second place, it is scientifically confirmed that man has lived with wild arid giant saurians at the end of the Mesozoic because their fossils were found in the same geologic stratum. In the third place, it has been proved the coexistence man and dinosaur, consequently it is only scientific to suppose that man was the main cause of the extinction of these archaic reptiles. In the fourth place, there has been found at the Ocucaje desert in the paleontologic measure, tracks of a monstrous deluge which covered with mud whatever there was on this side of the planet. You can objectively verify this. I have no doubt about finding objects, instruments, houses/buildings and so forth, in this place if I shall continue exploring it. These remains are to be irrefutable proof of the scientific and technological standard of that humanity that could not stay as it is written on the stone books. These discoveries will be given in detail on my next book 'THE HUMANITY IN THE MESOZOIC".

Being responsible of the scientific obligation of giving away to the world these meaningful anthropologic discoveries I accepted the invitation made by Don Rafael Mendez, President of the Organizer Committee of the International Congress “Cien anos de Investigacion de los Grandes Misterios del Hombre” (Hundred years of investigation on the Great Mysteries of Man) which took place at San Jose City, Costa Rica from the 14th thru the 19th of October 1985 in order to participate as an Official Lecturer. There I had not only the opportunity to give away these discoveries but to invite my colleagues - foreign scientific investigators - to prosecute alongside with me the paleontological explorations at the Ocucaje measure.

    Finally I ask for your understanding in front of my passionate defense about the scientific validity of the information which is contained in the texts engraved on the Stones of Ica. I believe that giving 22 years of my life to this cause it is not good enough to embrace the immense field of investigation which is offered by the hundreds of thousands of stone books of this unique Library some of which are still hidden under the hot and hostile Ocucaje desert. There will be no rest for me as long as I see men not involved with the thru past of the humankind because keeping away from it constitutes a terrible hazard for the future of our civilization. As I know we are still on time to straighten our errors I will use all my strength and will in order to alert humanity about the historic truth of our planet: It is going to face another cataclysm like the one that destroyed the existing world at the end of the Mesozoic time.

Ica, 20 of January, 1989