Sue's thoughts on Rapa Nui:

I loved Rapa Nui - the beautifully rugged, remote, quiet, sub-tropical volcanic island without the hordes of ghastly tourists, commercialism and humidity that you find on other "Polynesian" islands. It is a place that I would gladly return to for a long stay.

Perfect ending to the trip at Rapa Nui the last evening there when I was blessed by 2 barefoot angels on horseback:

Was outside the room watching the sunset over the ocean as usual when 2 young girls, ages about 9 and 12, came trotting by on their horse. They were as lovely as young South Seas Island girls can possibly be and the sound of their laughter filled the air with music. They rode back and forth and I waved to them each time they passed by. After about 5 minutes, they came up to chat and so that I could also admire their horse. I told them that I too had a bay mare when I was young, but unlike their horse with a full white blaze on her face, mine only had a star on her head. The older girl asked if I'd like to ride her horse, so I kicked off my sandals (barefoot was the mode) and hopped up on the horse behind her. She started off slowly until she realized that I really can ride and would not fall off her horse, and then off we went riding along together and filling the air with the sound of our laughter. Gave them a small gift as a "thank you" and after hugs and kisses all around, off they trotted into the sunset. A while later there was a knock on the door, and there they were again. With a big hug and kisses on each cheek, the older girl Stephanie gave me a wooden carved Moai that has obviously been in her room for years. It has paint flecks, nicks and dust imbedded in it and it is a TREASURE I will cherish the rest of my life!

These 2 girls are perfect examples of meeting people in other countries. What wonderful ambassadors of their island!