Curtiss P-36 Hawk

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First known as the Curtiss Model 75, the Hawk was the predecessor to the Curtiss P-40. By the beginning of WWII the P-36 was already considered obsolete. Circumstances compelled limited use of P-36s in the opening stages of hostilities with Japan, but they were very soon relegated for use as a second-line aircraft in the training role.

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(updated February 2009)

Curtiss P-36A Hawk

Type:           Fighter
Crew:           1, Pilot
Armament:       one .50 cal machine gun, three .30 cal machine guns

        Length:         28' 6" (8.69M)
        Height:         8' 5" (2.57M)
        Wignspan:       37' 4" (11.38M)
        Gross Weight:   5650.00lbs

        No. of Engines: 1
        Powerplant:     Pratt & Whitney R-1830
        Horsepower:     1050 hp

        Range:          830 miles (1336.00 Km)
        Cruise Speed:   250.00 mph (402.00 Km/H)
        Max Speed:      313.00 Mph (504.00 Km/H)
        Ceiling:        37200.0 Ft (11338.0M)

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