This site covers virtually all U.S. aircraft designed or used during World War II.

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What's New:

October 27, 2010: pages for the Kellett KD-1 and YO-60 autogyros, and the Platt-LePage XR-1 autogyro
February 11, 2009: Added reference links to Wikipedia to most all aircraft pages (and deleted some dead weblinks).
March 16, 2005: Added pages for the Hughes XF-11 and  Spruce Goose, and the Republic XF-12 Rainbow.
August 2, 2004: Added a page for the Sikorsky JR2S (VS-44) flying boat.
September 23, 2003: Added a photo of the Hall PH-3 seaplane and another Avenger photo.
July 20, 2003: Added the Consolidated (Convair) XB-36 Peacemaker.
March 14, 2003: Added five experimental jet bombers (XB-43, XB-45, XB-46, XB-47, XB-48) that were designed (but not used) during the war.
December 8, 2002: Added the North American XB-28 prototype bomber, and the Beech AT-10 trainer.
October 7, 2002: Added the Ryan YO-51 observation aircraft.

June 20, 2002:
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January 4, 2002: Added the Lockheed P2V Neptune patrol bomber.
October 29, 2001: Added the Vought V-173 / XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack experimental fighter.
August 11, 2001: Added the C-74 Globemaster transport.
August 9, 2001: Replaced the title header with a more useful navigational bar. Added a page to allow for visitor donations, and pages linked to the popular planes listing books for those planes on 
July 6, 2001: Added a page for the F-3 photo recon Havoc by Douglas aircraft.
September 1, 2000: Added pages for the XB-42 Mixmaster and the XP-58 Chain Lightning.
May 22, 2000: Added a longer text history page for a handfull of the more popular aircraft.
May 9, 2000: Added a page for the Naval Aircraft Factory PBN Nomad, and extra photos for the Dauntless, Hudson, Maryland, Reporter, Destroyer, XA-32, C-46, O-46, and O-47.
April 7, 2000: Added the Boeing/Vega YB-40 escort bomber.
April 6, 2000: Added the Northrop F-15 Reporter reconnaissance aircraft.
April 3, 2000: Added a color illustration to the XP-54, XP-55, XP-56, and XP-67 pages.
March 14, 2000: Added a number of Attack aircraft pages: A-17A, A-24, A-25, A-36, XA-32, XA-41.
February 1, 2000: Added a page for the Northrop N-3PB patrol bomber floatplane.
January 6, 2000: Added pages for five experimental Navy fighters: Bell XFL-1 Airabonita, Boeing XF8B-1, Curtiss XF14C, Curtiss XF15C-1, and the Grumman F4F-3S "Wild Catfish" (Wildcat floatplane).  Info on these  planes was made available by the San Diego Aerospace Museum library, so a special "thanks!" to them.
November 23, 1999: Added a rating page for viewer input and votes, to increase site traffic.
November 1, 1999: Added pages for the Douglas O-46 and North American O-47.
October 26, 1999: Added more cross-reference designations to the Type index to aid searches.
October 5, 1999: Added two B-17 photos, and a link to my new B-17 website.
September 11, 1999: Miscellaneous text enhancements.
June 13, 1999: Replaced the TG-4A photo with a correct one, added a page for the Laister-Kauffmann XCG-10A.
May 27, 1999: Added links (for extra photos and data) to the individual pages of all the more popular planes. Fixed inaccurate climb rate data on a dozen pages.
May 25, 1999: Added a page for the Noorduyn Norseman (UC-64 transport).
May 22, 1999: Added the XB-35 bomber, and a picture to the XP-67 page. Added important entries on the Weblinks page.

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