Strange chemical contrails ("chemtrails") have been reported laid down in a criss-cross pattern in the sky over numerous places in the U.S. and in other countries. The chemtrails don't look or behave like normal contrails, and have supposedly been connected with countless illnesses and even deaths amongst those unfortunate to be beneath them. The jets doing the spraying seem to be military airborne refueling tankers, but the government denies all knowledge of these incidents. Conspiracy theories abound, however, the truth is hard to pin down. Current leading theories include: the U.S. government is doing unannounced chemical exposure testing on its citizens (which it has been proven to have done before in the past), or it is attempting to do a nationwide vaccination program via airborne chemicals, or it is undertaking a program aimed at controlling the increasingly unstable weather. Other theories are much more dark and gloomy. (The newest theory of any credence that I have heard is that the government is trying to deal with the increasing global warming/solar radiation problem by blanketing key areas with a reflective cloud "shield" containing certain aluminum and/or barium compounds.) Regardless of the motive, the fact that the program is being done without the knowledge or permission of the American citizen certainly makes one wonder as to the scruples and motives of those in charge.

Of course, there are those who say this whole subject is a farce. No doubt there are plenty of chemtrail reports and photos that could be logically explained as something else. Just like UFOs and crop circles, the debunkers will point to the mis-identifications as proof that all of the reports are not true. However, just because some parts may be invalid, does that automatically invalidate all the other reports? It's easy to dismiss this topic if you don't take the time to investigate it. Look at all the websites, sift through the reports, then make up your mind.

The following articles and websites are in roughly chronological order (of when I found them). For the most recent entries, see the end of the list.

U.S. Air Force tanker aircraftnot your normal contrails...

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Listener Beats Chemtrails By Installing Air Filtration System..... - Chemtrails DataPage (recommended: a major source of articles, updated often)
Chemtrail Photos From England - UK Residents Get Hit
archived Sightings radio shows on Chemtrails - January 31 and  May 5 shows audio.gif (975 bytes)  
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Chemtrail websites are monitored by U.S. Government and Military  (Hi guys! Thanks for dropping by!)
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The Continuing Catastrophe Called Chemtrails
Photographs of clouds from across the nation (including some chemtrails)

Sorry about the lack of updates - I haven't updated this page in years. However, here is a new link for Dec. 2013, which has links to other articles:
08/22/04Chemtrails - Watch This! Then Try to Deny It
and here is another one:
08/22/04CHEMTRAILS A Planetary Catastrophe Created By Geoengineering

And, if nothing else, visit and do a search for the word chemtrails. You'll find plenty of material there...

Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It
Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It
Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It

I can't keep up with the volume of new articles on this topic. If you're interested, see the weblinks in bold above, as they stay current and have the most articles.


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