Nakajima Ki.201 Karyu

The Karyu (Fire Dragon) twin-jet attack fighter was designed by Nakajima late in 1944 and bore a striking resemblance to the smaller Messerschmitt Me 262 fighter. The Ki-201, under construction at the end of the war, was scheduled to fly in December 1945, but quantity production of the aircraft was in doubt, as the Army had selected the Rikugun Ki-202 for priority development. Note: this aircraft looks similar to (but is not to be confused with) the Nakajima Kikka.  (source: Francillion)

Nakajima Ki.201 Karyu

Type:           Fighter
Service: 	Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF)
Crew:           Pilot
Armament:       two nose-mounted Ho-5 20mm cannon
		two nose-mounted Ho-155 30mm cannon 
Reference: 	Francillon: 488 

        Length:         37' 8.75" (11.5 m)
        Height:         13' 4" (4.69 m)
        Wingspan:       44' 11.4" (13.7 m)
        Wing area:      25.0 m sq (269 ft sq)
        Empty Weight:   9,920 lb (4,500 kg)
        Loaded Weight:  15,400 lb (7,000 kg)
        Max Weight:     n/a

        No. of Engines: 2
        Powerplant:     Ne-130 turbojets, or Ne-230 turbojets
        Horsepower:     2002 lb thrust (Ne-130), or 
			1951 lb thrust (Ne-230)

        Range:          611 mi (978 km)
        Cruise Speed:   n/a
        Max Speed:      507 mph (812 km/hr) 
        Rate of Climb:  774 m/min (2,540 ft/min)
        Ceiling:        39,400 feet (12000 m)
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For a very nice scale color drawing of this aircraft, see here.

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