Friday 18-May-01: Fly from SAN DIEGO to DALLAS to LIMA

Saturday 19-May-01: Full day city tour of Lima, including archaeological and gold museums.

Sunday 20-May-01: Drive to Ica, Peru. Take small plane to overfly the mysterious Nazca markings. Visit the museum of Dr. Cabrera, the Ica Regional Museum, and the beautiful oasis town of Paracas.

Monday 21-May-01: Yacht cruise to the Ballestas Islands (similar to the Gallapagos Islands). See the gigantic candelabra on the cliff overlooking the bay. Afterward, return to Lima.

Tuesday 22-May-01: Fly to Cusco, Peru. Full-day excursion to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including the ruins of Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero.

Wednesday 23-May-01: Tour of Cusco (including main square, Cathedral, and the Coricancha), as well as the nearby Inca ruins of Puka-Pukara, Qenqo, Tambo Machay, and the renowned fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

Thursday 24-May-01: Train ride (four hours) through the Urubamba Valley, followed by a 20-minute bus ride up to the breathtaking Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Rest of day at ruins, then overnight at the top of the mountain.

Friday 25-May-01: Half day visit to Machu Picchu, then return to Cusco by train in the afternoon.

Saturday 26-May-01: All day bus trip to Puno. Along the way, visit Piquillacta, Andahuayillas, the Marangani alpaca weaving factory and Raqchi, with its temple to the God Viracocha.

Sunday 27-May-01: Drive to Copacabana. After a visit to the National Shrine of Bolivia, board a hydrofoil boat on Lake Titicaca and cruise to the Island of the Sun. The rest of the day will be spent exploring the island; overnight on island.

Monday 28-May-01: After a free morning to explore, the boat continues through the Tiquina Strait to Huatajata. At the end of Lake Titicaca, visit the small local museum. Take a bus trip toLa Paz (Bolivia), highest capital city in the world.

Tuesday 29-May-01: Full day trip to the ruins of Tiwanaku (Bolivia) considered to be the "Cradle of American Civilization." 

Wednesday 30-May-01: Take flight to Santiago (Chile).

Thursday 31-May-01: Explore Santiago for a half day (including the archeological museum), then fly to Easter Island.

Friday 01-Jun-01: Half day tour of Easter Island, including the ancient village of Orongo and the Rano Kau volcano.
Afternoon at leisure.

Saturday 02-Jun-01: Full day tour of all the major ahu (platforms) and the moai statues on the island, including the beach at Anakena.

Sunday 03-Jun-01: Your day is at leisure to enjoy on your own. (Visit museum and shop in town.)

Monday 04-Jun-01: Fly to Santiago, Chile. Fly to Dallas, Texas.

Tuesday 05-Jun-01: Arrive at Dallas airport, fly to San Diego.



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