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Henderson Field - Today

P400 prop.jpg (30751 bytes)
Rusting prop from a P-400 Airacobra
This photo was taken on Henderson Field in 1999 by Peter Flahavin, who sent in the photos on this page.

P400prp2.jpg (41788 bytes)
Another view of the same prop
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1999)

F4F#3.jpg (47544 bytes)
Wildcat fighter in the jungle near Tasimboko . It still bears
the 20mm and 7mm holes of the Zero that got him.
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1998)

SBD_37mm.jpg (56352 bytes)
The Japanese 37mm artillery piece (foreground) is from the Muriyama trail . In the background is an SBD Dauntless that crashed into trees in a December 1942 night landing, killing the pilot Captain Bill Spang.
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1998)

G4Mwing.jpg (32211 bytes)
Wreckage of a Japanese G4M Betty bomber's wing
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1999)

G4Mtail1.jpg (63688 bytes)
G4M Betty tailfin - from a Betty shot down about 500 yards SE of Bloody Ridge. Two hours after the photo was taken the tailfin was stolen by collectors.
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1995)

G4Mtail2.jpg (77706 bytes)
The rest of the tail section of the G4M piece shown above. By 1996 this piece had also disappeared.
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1999)

prop1999.jpg (53480 bytes)
Prop from a US warplane on display
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1999)

tower99.jpg (38003 bytes)
The metal control tower at Henderson Field
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1999)

bunker.jpg (52655 bytes)
View of air raid bunker from control tower
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1998)

shelter.jpg (44699 bytes)
Close-up of air raid shelter
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1998)

golfcors.jpg (32881 bytes)
A golf course occupies what used to be the "Fighter Two" airstrip
(photo by Peter Flahavin, 1999)


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