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Army Air Forces

Army Air Corps P-400 Airacobras
A line of Aircobras await the call to action at one of Guadalcanal's airfields.  For more P-400 info and a color illustration of one of the above aircraft, see the section on The Aircraft.

Airacobra run-up
Well-worn Bell P-39s and P-400s (the export version turned down by the RAF) served the USAAF well in the ground attack role on Guadalcanal, but faired poorly in air combat.

347th Logo
Logo of the 67th Fighter squadron
(part of the 347th Fighter Group)

(Source: "Guadalcanal - The Island of Fire" by Robert Lawrence Ferguson)

Painted door

September 1942. Captain John A. Thompson in a P-39/P-400 Airacobra prepares to take off on an intercept sortie. The Airacobra was unusual in that entry to the cockpit was made through a door in the fuselage, rather than a sliding canopy.
(Source: "Guadalcanal - The Island of Fire" by Robert Lawrence Ferguson)

Belly landing
On October 1, 1942, while on a dive bombing and strafing sortie, ground fire knocked out the electrical system of Lt. A.B. Farquharson's P-39. Complications led to landing gear failure and he skidded in on a belly landing.
(Source: "Guadalcanal - The Island of Fire" by Robert Lawrence Ferguson)

Dangers of a muddy runway
On September 8, 1942, Lt. V.L. Head, flying in support of Col. Merritt Edson's Raiders at Tasimboko, crashed on takeoff from the muddy Henderson Field runway.  Lt. Head survived by unbuckling and running through the flames. He was burned, but recovered and was soon back on duty.
(Source: "Guadalcanal - The Island of Fire" by Robert Lawrence Ferguson)

Giving her the once-over
2nd Lt. Barclay Dillon tends to his P-400. The name of the aircraft is "Impatient Virgin", written in white letters just above the engine exhaust stacks (behind the cockpit).
(Source: this photo was sent to me by John Cunningham)

Necessary paperwork
Crew chief Sgt. L.F. Wendt signs off his Airacobra's logs in between flights from a Cactus Air Force field.
(Source:Air Classics magazine, August 1993)

P-39_scrambles_past_B-17_and_6th_Seabees.jpg (50176 bytes)
Airacobra scramble
A P-400 rolls past a B-17 as it prepares to take to the air. Members of the 6th Seebees pause momentarily in their work to watch the takeoff.
(Source: Stan Jersey)

P-39_takes_off_from_Henderson.jpg (35950 bytes)
Almost airborne
The P-400 is about to have its tricycle landing gear leave the Marston matting at Henderson Field.

(Source: Stan Jersey)

line_of_Kittyhawks.jpg (33174 bytes)
Line of Kittyhawks
A line of four P-40 Kittyhawks sits near the edge of the treeline at Henderson Field. This photo was most likely taken in 1943 after the island had been secured.
(Source: Stan Jersey)


I've added an article describing the day the Airacobras
saved the Marines and the invasion of Guadalcanal.
You can read it HERE.

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