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earthmover.jpg (22267 bytes)
Earthmovers level out the runway
Both American and captured Japanese equipment were used to prepare Henderson Field for the arrival of the Cactus Air Force.
(Source: Stan Jersey)

earthmover_on_field.jpg (32024 bytes)
Another earthmover in action
This expanse of dirt would turn into an ocean of mud with the upcoming rains.
(Source: Stan Jersey)

laying_more_Marston_mat.jpg (41511 bytes)
Laying down the Marston matting
Seabee's from the 6th Battalion lay down Marston matting. The pierced steel Marston matting provided a solid surface for aircraft to use in the rain-drenched tropics. The mats arrived in late September 1942, and were soon put into use for runways and walkways.
(Source: Stan Jersey)

matting.gif (44623 bytes)
Repairing the Marston matting
Day and night, Japanese planes attacked Henderson Field.  Here U.S. Navy, Marine, and Army men band together to repair the bomb-wrecked steel-matted runway.  Note the B-17 in the background.
(U.S. Air Force photo)

torn_martson_matting2.JPG (18167 bytes)
Another example of cratered Marston matting
This section of Marston matting (also called PSP, for Pierced Steel Planking) was holed by the big shells from a Japanese naval attack.
(Source: Wings magazine, April 1992)

bulldozer_on_Fighter2.jpg (27715 bytes)
A Seebees' bulldozer helps keep the runway in business
The Seebees and others worked endlessly to keep the runways (this one is Fighter Two later in the war)  flat and free of holes and other hazards. This was no easy task in 1942, given the frequent Japanese air attacks and bombardments by sea.
(Source: Stan Jersey)

airraid_bell.jpg (38529 bytes)
Air raid warning bell
This bell was captured from the Japanese, possibly from one of the Japanese ships that beached
themselves on the island. It was used by the Seebees to help warn of incoming Japanese air raids.
(Source: Stan Jersey)


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