Guadalcanal Land War Photos #1: The Beginning


August7_Landing_GDA.JPG (56753 bytes)
Marines coming ashore on August 7, 1942.
(source: unknown)


August7_Landing_GIO34a.JPG (80598 bytes)
Similar to above.
(source: unknown)


LungaPoint_August7-42.JPG (14267 bytes)
August 7, at Lunga Point.
(source: unknown)


landing_craft_next_to_palm_trees.JPG (44735 bytes)
Some Marines were able to exit their landing craft directly in the palm tree line.
Landing close to the trees gave the Marines cover from possible Japanese defenses.
(source: Decisive Battles of the Pacific War, edited by Anthony Preston)


Destroyer-168b.JPG (28038 bytes)
The US seized little Tulagi Island, located just off of Florida Island and only a short distance from Guadalcanal, in August 1942.
Both sides realized the logistics importance of Tulagi's port in the coming bitter struggle for possession of the Solomons.
(info and text from United States Destroyer Operations in World War II by Theodore Roscoe, 1953 edition)


resupply_vehicles.jpg (34040 bytes)
Only a few supplies for the Americans could be brought ashore before the transports were ordered out of the area.
The lack of supplies made it very hard on the Marines in the coming months.
(source: ebay)



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