Guadalcanal Land War Photos #6: Casualties of War


Japanese_dead_on_Edsons_Ridge.jpg (58485 bytes)
Marines survey the bodies of Japanese soldiers covering the battleground of Edson's Ridge.
(source: The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal by Robert Ballard)


RaiderRidge_dead_JPN_snipers_Sept13-14_1943.jpg (53811 bytes)
Dead Japanese snipers lie on Raider Ridge.
(source: ebay)


many_Jap_dead_on_beach.jpg (31413 bytes)
Japanese soldiers lie dead on a Guadalcanal beach after one of the many battles.
(source: ebay)


Jap_tank_hit_by_flamethrower.jpg (24903 bytes)
A Marine displays the head and bones of a Japanese tank crewman on top of a knocked out Japanese tank.
According to the caption, the tank was hit by a flamethrower, though this weapon did not see much use at this early stage of the war.
(source: ebay)


Marine_inspects_Jap_tank_and_bodies_1943.jpg (32122 bytes)
Another Marine inspects the remains of another Japanese tank, whose turret and crew lie nearby.
(source: ebay)


PalmForest_andJap_Dead.jpg (60011 bytes)
After one of the countless battles of the six month campaign, more Japanese dead lie at the edge of another palm forest.
Note the two tanks further back in the tree line.
(source: ebay)


wounded_Marine_is_carried_back.jpg (71680 bytes)
Wounded US Marine is carried back to the rear area for medical attention.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


Native_Pays_Tribute_To_Guadalcanal_Hero_Grave_08-05-1946.jpg (54662 bytes)
A Guadalcanal native pays tribute to American war dead on the island in August of 1946.
(source: ebay)



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