Guadalcanal Land War Photos #7: Miscellaneous


Jap_machine_gun_nest.JPG (47556 bytes)
A Japanese machine gun position on Guadalcanal.
This is part of the 81st Guard Unit (Lt. Yukio Endo IJN), with 56 members under WO Tsuenta Sakato.
(source: Decisive Battles of the Pacific War, edited by Anthony Preston; additional info by Stan Jersey)


(46594 bytes)
Captain Warren Frederick Martin Clemens, British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defense Force (BSIPDF),
with six members of the BSIPDF Scouts, on Guadalcanal circa the later part of 1942. Clemens identifies these men as (standing beside him): Daniel Pule (left) and Andrew Langabaea. Those seated are (left to right): Olorere, Gumu, Chaparuka and Chaku. Each of the Scouts is armed with a British SMLE #1 rifle. Clemens, the British Colonial Service District Officer on Guadalcanal, had remained on the island throughout its May-August 1942 occupation by the Japanese.
Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.
(info and text from the Naval Historical Center website)


Marines_capture_flag.JPG (32431 bytes)
Marines display a captured Japanese flag.
(source: ebay)



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