Guadalcanal Land War Photos #3: U.S. Base Camp


US_camp_in_palm_forest.jpg (44037 bytes)
US camp in palm forest.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


improvised_radio_station_in_operation.jpg (78519 bytes)
Improvised US radio station transmits from their palm forest location.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


Marine_thinking_of_home_and_girl.JPG (35307 bytes)
A Marine gazes at a picture of his girlfriend and thinks of home while he waits for the next battle in his improved foxhole position.
(source: ebay)


Seabee-mess_tent-detail.jpg (40366 bytes)
The mess tent in the Seabee camp shows fifty gallon drums cut in half and used for improvised purposes
(either the serving of food or the washing of dishes, I can't tell).
(source: ebay)


Tojo-ice_company.jpg (27154 bytes)
An ice-making machine (left behind by the Japanese during their initial retreat) provides some welcome relief from the heat.
The sign reads "TOJO ICE Co. - Under New Management". 
(source: ebay)


USMC_Paratroopers.jpg (81568 bytes)
This AP Wirephoto (dated October 19, 1943) is captioned: "MARINE PARACHUTE REGIMENT PREPARES TO MOVE UP - With their LST in the background, and supplies piled up on the beach at Guadalcanal, a Marine parachute regiment prepares to move up from Guadalcanal. They were to be used as Raiders. Note their camoflaged uniforms, called 'Jungle Suits' ".
(source: ebay)



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