Guadalcanal Land War Photos #4: U.S. Forces on the Move


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U.S. Marines rest in the field on Guadalcanal, circa August-December 1942.
Most of these Marines are armed with M1903 bolt-action rifles and carry M1905 bayonets and USMC 1941 type packs. Two men high on the hill at right wear mortar vests and one in center has a World War I type grenade vest. The Marine seated at far right has a Browning Automatic Rifle.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.
(info and text from the Naval Historical Center website)


US_troops_struggle_on_jungle_trail.jpg (81676 bytes)
Marines struggle up a jungle trail.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


Marines_move_into_Jap_area.JPG (60556 bytes)
Marines, wary of snipers, move into a formerly-held Japanese area.
(source: Decisive Battles of the Pacific War, edited by Anthony Preston)


Marines_enter_Japanese_camp_1Sept42.jpg (49497 bytes)
Marines enter a Japanese camp.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


M3_Stuarts_on_perimeter.JPG (23245 bytes)
A column of Marine M-3 Stuart tanks move forward on the beach perimeter.
(source: ebay)


Marine_patrol_crosses_the_Lunga_River.jpg (24414 bytes)
US Marine patrol crosses the Lunga River.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


Marines_march_up_to_Matanikau_early_Nov.jpg (37554 bytes)
Marines march up to the Matanikau River in early November.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


matanikou1.jpg (62520 bytes)
This photo's caption reads: "Tired But Victorious - Guadalcanal:  Dog-tired, sweaty, and wet from the almost incessant rain, Marines march on the fire-blackened remains of the Matanikou village, on the Matanikou River, after well entrenched Japanese troops were blasted out by bombings, shell and mortar fire, and hand-to-hand combat that followed.  10/23/42."
(source: ebay)


fuel_drum_bridge_over_the_Matanikau.jpg (36536 bytes)
US-built fuel drum bridge makes crossing the Matanikau River easier.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


relieved_Marines_return_from_the_front.jpg (73848 bytes)
Weary Marines march back from the front lines after being relieved by the US Army.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


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