Guadalcanal Land War Photos #5: Battlegrounds


Edsons_Ridge_after_the_battle.jpg (72387 bytes)
Looking down on part of Bloody Ridge after the US forces defended it against the Japanese attacks.
(source: The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal by Robert Ballard)


Jap_tanks_at_the_mouth_of_Matanikau_River.jpg (34699 bytes)
Following their failed attack, Japanese tanks smoulder at the mouth of the Matanikau River after being knocked out by US troops.
(source: Guadalcanal Island Ordeal by Graeme Kent)


some_very_close_action.jpg (20990 bytes)
A massive explosion goes off in front of advancing U.S. troops, in this photo captioned: "Some very close action."
(source: ebay)



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